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Glazier Nation is commited to providing our staff and clients

with daily safety tools and education.


- Our Saflety Record says it all - 




Glazier Nation takes safety to a new level. We know from experence how dangerous our jobs can be. With this said, Glazier Nation, ask each and every employee to take our Weekly Tool Box Talks, Genneral Glass Handling course before any new job, and review our Safety manual. 

"These courses are FREE to anyone to use."

- Proud to you by your, Glazier Nation Family and Friends, God Bless, and Stay Safe -


Each Week Glazier Nation Adds a new tool box talk topic. Feel free to download. These tool box talks are mandatory to complete weekly for our employees.

Glazier Nation mandates all new hires watch wideo and take this safety course. 

Glazier Nation offers a wide range of safety programs and service. We mandate that all new hires read through and Acknowlege receipt

Construction Ethic's 

Impowering men / women to grow in there carrer and as individuals

Safety Wear

Glazier Nation Safety Program

Glazier Nation Safety Committee

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