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       To the Members, Customers & Work Partners of Glazier Nation,


              We are honored that you are apart of the Glazier Nation Family and we will work hard to keep your support, respect and presence within our organization. Your relationship, views and concerns means the world to us. Thank you so much for supporting our Brand.  We want to hear from you, no matter if you have a new idea, a complaint or just want to have a conversation. Here are our personal numbers and direct emails. God Bless!

MATT DAYChairman of the Board                  DAVID SCHWIETERMAN- Board Member                CHARLIE JONES- Board Member         BARBARA DAY- Board Member       MATT PRICE- Board Member

Chief Executive Officer                                      Chief Operating Officer                                               Chief Financial Officer                           V.P. of Insurance Procurement          Director of Material Procurement Services

Matt@GlazierNation.Com                                 David@GlazierNation.Com                                         Charlie@GlazierNation.Com                Barbara@GlazierNation.Com             MPS@GlazierNation.Com

912.327.8077                                                    719-725-3337                                                            912-592-5223                                    912-309-0176                                   305-205-4521

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