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randy allison

GLAZIER NATION POSISTION: Senior Manager of Commercial Insurance

LIVES IN: douglas, ga

Hometown: McGehee, Arkansas

EDUCATION: Business Major from University of Arkansas Monticello


HOBBIES: Golf, Arkansas Razorbacks, Boating on lake Hamilton in Hot Springs,ar

PASSIONS: Dedicated christian & follower of jesus christ

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E-Mail:            CHARLIE@GlazierNation.Com

Tel:                   912.592.5223


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randy's Story

Born in the heart of McGehee, Arkansas, my journey began in a town that shaped the core of who I am today. My academic pursuit led me to the University of Arkansas Monticello, where I delved into the world of business, a field that would later define my professional trajectory.

The chapter of family life began early and blessed me with four wonderful children. They've since grown and spread their wings across Bentonville, AR; Austin, TX; Fayetteville, AR; and Tampa, FL, each forging their unique paths much like I did.

My entrepreneurial spirit first took form in McGehee, where I owned Randy Allison's Fine Clothing. This venture was more than a business; it was a learning ground for what lay ahead. It wasn't long before the world of insurance called to me, and I embarked on a career with Southeast Insurance of McGehee, AR, marking the start of a lifelong passion and profession.

Service to my community has always been a cornerstone of my life. I was elected to the McGehee City Council, where I served for 14 years, taking on roles such as Chairman of the City's Parks, Police, and Finance Committees. My commitment to public service didn't stop there—I also threw my hat in the ring as a candidate for the office of Mayor and held positions such as President of the McGehee AR Chamber of Commerce & Optimist Club and a Board Member of the Delta Country Club.

In 2005, a new chapter began as I sold McGehee Insurance Agency and moved to Little Rock, AR. There, I became the VP of Sales for McGhee Insurance Agency, a role that allowed me to influence and grow within the industry significantly. My dedication was recognized through several awards, including the Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas Young Agent of the Year Award, the National Insurpac Award, and the prestigious Allen Kennedy Memorial Award.

Education has always been important to me, not just my own but that of others. I've had the privilege of teaching over 3000 hours of courses in General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Auto, and Umbrella insurance to agents across four states, helping to shape the next generation of professionals.

In 2012, my personal life took a joyful turn as I married Beth Sullivan Allison, a skilled commercial insurance account manager with 20 years of experience. Together, we've navigated the complexities and joys of life, blending our professional and personal worlds seamlessly.

After 40 years in the insurance industry, I transitioned into retirement, only to find a new opportunity as the Senior Manager of Commercial Insurance for Glazier Nation, LLC. This role has allowed me to leverage my extensive experience while continuing to contribute to the field I've always been passionate about.

As I reflect on my journey, from the small town of McGehee to the broader stages of the insurance industry, public service, and beyond, I'm grateful for the countless experiences and people who've shaped my story. It's a narrative of growth, service, and lifelong learning, one that I'm proud to share as part of my life's history.

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