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                                         Glazier Nation marketing will not only benefit your business,                                                                                                                     but will benefit the industry as a whole.


                                      How Glazier Nation Marketing Benefits the Industry:

                                      1) Markets the Glass Industry to the General Public 

                                      2) Preserves our Industry's Past

                                      3) Inspires our Industry's Future

                           How Glazier Nation Benefits Your Marketing Department:


                                     1) We List Your Company on GlazierNation.Com & Social Media

                                     2) We Promote Your Company on the Glazier Nation Podcast

                                     3) We Build Your Social Media Videos & Content as needed

-Your Website Listed on GlazierNation.Com's Link Tree

-Your Website Listed on Glazier Nation's Link Tree across all Social Media Networks

-Your Company Commercial will air on 2 Podcasts a year.

-Your Company will be interviewed on 1 Podcast per year.

-One Article Post about your Company per year

-Marketing Package 1 is Included

-Your Company Solely Sponsors a Glazier Nation Award Winner's: Trophy, Podcast Interview and Full Page Article in Glazier Nation's Annual Hall of Fame & Awards Magazine (Plus a full page article for your Company)

-Your company sponsors the Hall of Fame & Awards Ceremony

-Marketing Package 1 Included

-Marketing Package 2 NOT INCLUDED

-Glazier Nation Podcasts travels to your Facility to film a In-Person Podcast

-Glazier Nation Podcasts travels to your Facility to film & edit your company a professional high quality commercial.

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