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gustavo leon

GLAZIER NATION POSISTION: vice president of Onboarding

LIVES IN: edmond, OK

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

EDUCATION: university of Oklahoma, BSc in Economics 

HOBBIES: Sports, Traveling Movies, photography, wine and food pairing

PASSIONS: Sports, Traveling Movies, photography, wine and food pairing



E-Mail:            gustavo@GlazierNation.Com

Tel:                   713.870.8163


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gustavo's Story

Hey everyone! I'm Gustavo, a 30-year-old dude on a mission to make dreams happen. Originally from the bustling city of Caracas, Venezuela, I've hustled through challenges and grabbed the opportunity that came my way.

So, my journey kicked off in Houston, where I dived into the career scene and hustled to earn an associate degree in business. Living in the Lone Star State was a hustle in itself—I had to balance working and studying full-time. Along the way, I crossed paths with a bunch of wine importers and distributors who saw my potential. They hired me as a warehouse manager, recognizing my knack for quick learning and smooth communication with clients. Eventually, I even became a wine representative. Talk about unexpected turns!

Fast forward to the University of Oklahoma, where I snagged a bachelor’s in economics and took charge as the President of the Venezuelan Association. College, for me, wasn't just about hitting the books; it was a journey of personal growth and diving deep into the community.

While navigating the college chaos, I went all-in on the landscaping gig, juggling full-time work with studies. I dove into client relations, figuring out the ropes of the trade from scratch. Despite starting with zero knowledge, my dedication paid off big time—I scored a promotion to Account Manager within a year. I later took on the challenge of managing commercial accounts. Those roles were where I honed my leadership skills, proving that hard work and commitment can swing open doors to unexpected opportunities.

Sales have been my ride-or-die, and last year, I decided to shake things up by diving into the Glazing industry. It's been a total game-changer. Today, I proudly rock the Vice President of Workforce Onboarding title—a wild journey from the landscaping trenches to a leadership spot in a dynamic industry.

My story is a mash-up of perseverance, adaptability, and an unyielding dedication to building top-notch client relationships. As I keep riding the waves of the ever-evolving Glazing industry, I'm sticking to my guns—focused on growth, leadership, and making a positive impact. Here's to the journey and the rad chapters yet to unfold! Cheers!

Roles for Glazier Nation


  • First contact for the clients

  • Gather their needs and collect all info for the job request.

  • Follow-ups

  • Client complaint and feedback

  • Initial Contracts

  • Present available profiles

  • Help choose the best fit.

  • Onboarding for Client


  1. Client Relations Manager



  1. Client Services Coordinator:


  1. Onboarding Services Coordinator:

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