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Babatunde Akinleye


LIVES IN: Lagos, Nigeria

Hometown: oyo state, nigeria

EDUCATION: Aunty yemi school , Bethlehem charity & orphanage home school. 


HOBBIES: raveling, gardening with family , having kids around and talking about future 

PASSIONS: having big dreams for my kids , making the future bright for everyone who I see is working so hard. 



E-Mail:            babatunde@GlazierNation.Com

Tel:                   469.344.5918


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babatunde's Story

My name is Babatunde Akinleye I was born on the 5th of May 1991 in Lagos Nigeria we are 3 kids in the family I am the only son the growing up was hard. 

 I become a glazier when I was at the age of 15 I started training as a glazier I was in the first stage of my secondary school when I close from school and I resumed to a glazing shop close to my house I developed more interest when the school sent me out all because of school fee for that period I started going to the training for a full day so when my mom pay my school fee I started going half day again I finished my secondary school I see how my mom was struggling with her business I see that she can’t afford to send me to university I told my mom to let me go and train as an apprentice fully in our local market here is very big market where they do all kind of glass and aluminum work where you will see different glaziers with different ideas and jobs my mom sent me to his brother house that his close to the market and I start the training the boss ask use to pay an amount with biscuits and minerals drinks so I spent 4years and 6 month to serve my boss there it really a hard labor because it requires lot of beating lol am happy saying this story today we carry load on our head go to the boss house to wash his cloths and fetch water to his house I did all this because I knew my parents can’t afford the money for me to go to university and I don’t just want to waste my time in life I have lots of dreams. I carry loads for people then to feed myself that really make me strong.

After my freedom then I started working for people and get paid per day here some will not even pay you they will tell us they have not been paid buy the owner of the job or the work is not profitable but I was very strong and have a mind that I will not give up so till I start getting some little jobs for my myself and I handle and delivery it start coming little and little and and I got married to my woman we have 3 beautiful girls and whenever I lot at there face I see the reason why I should not give up I have the believe that I will get there them I go so inspired when I got into glazier nation group at first some people bullied me some even come to my DM and called me names but I stand strong and when I see some people fighting for me and changing some people mind set against me and what make me feel good in the group was that the owner never push me away so that give me hope till today am very glad I was giving this opportunity to be GLAZIER NATION FAMILY 

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